a view on women offenders

I came across a very useful website: http://www.avoiceformen.com/

A great article I found was ‘The Cycle of the Female Abuser’ by Kimberley Taylor.

She explains that most women offenders feel remorseless after being physically or emotionally abusive to their partner.

Perhaps it is because society is less condemning and more dismissive of a woman who is abusive, resulting in less societal awareness and consequently more room for personal denial. It is also possible that the male is even less aware that they are being abused and may even take more responsibility due to the same lack of societal awareness. In short, the dynamic in the relationship may allow for this denial.

In a recent recent study noted (Gelles 2006), about fifty percent of men and women thought it was okay for a woman to hit a man. With these global attitudes, it is no wonder some women feel justified in slapping their partners. Some even said they knew they could not do too much damage because of their size; they therefore minimised their actions and denied it was abuse at all.

Is society giving women excuses for being violent?

On the same website was a video of Kelly Brook saying that she had punched in the face two of her ex-partners, after which she explained that they wouldn’t have felt much since they were much bigger than her.

Does this make it ‘okay’ to be violent to a man? Shouldn’t any form of violence be treated equally?

Kelly Brook’s interview.


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