What is your opinion?

My opinion is pretty clear. I believe that, like women victims, men victims of domestic abuse should be cared for, listened to and taken seriously.

In addition, I feel like the society we are in today leaves little room for men to express their feelings. What problem does this lead to? They cannot reach for help.

Something is so far missing from this blog, and I have taken too long to address it: households were both partners are victims of each other’s abuse. If a man is victim from his partner’s physical, mental or emotional maltreatment and cannot seek help, there is a greater potential for him eventually fighting back. The result of this situation is a violent vicious circle where both members are perpetrators and victims. Allowing men to take out built up feelings can in that way prevent a violent relationship.

This latest addition, as well as other arguments explained in previous blog posts, rounds up all the reasons I believe men victims should be listened to.

Now, it is your turn: What do you think? Why do you believe men should be looked after when being abused by their partner? Do you agree or disagree with my reasons?



  1. Yes! I agree with you 100%! Yes women being abused is awful, but so is men being abused and they don’t get enough attention because they’re a man and should be able to handle it. This is why we need feminism! So men don’t have to be subjected to this reasoning that just because they’re a man they should put up with being abused.


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