signs of domestic abuse

Today’s post is a little different: Signs of Domestic Abuse.

I found this great table on the website.

What are the signs of domestic violence? I remember a couple of years ago one of my co-workers was telling me that her son was being abused by his wife. One example she gave was when he was getting something from his car trunk and his partner purposely closed it on him, which hit him hard on the head. Is this too small a sign? I was quite shocked by the story, and although my co-worker knew her son’s condition, all she did was hate his wife. What if her son was a woman? Would she convince her to leave her abusive partner?

No violence should be tolerated, and no sign is too small. Domestic abuse IS NOT ONLY about physical violence but also about moral maltreatment. Many people diminished by their partner and unhappy stay because they don’t know they’re being abused. Look out for them, and help them.